Oct 3, 2011

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360 Feedback Survey Satisfies Many

A 360 feedback survey is a survey that is addressed to one person in particular and those around the person, such as employees and managers and peers, provide feedback for that individual. Often managers will have those around them assess them in a confidential 360 survey. It can also be for other individuals that need some feedback.

A 360 feedback survey can be very beneficial to everyone that participates in it. It is obviously beneficial to the individual being assessed in the survey because they can see how others view them and their performance. However, it is good for those taking the survey as well.

Sometimes those that surround an individual could have a problem with something they are doing. Even if they are a good person and do great things, there might be just one thing that is a problem. Or maybe there’s a whole list of problems. Either way, it can be hard to address someone with those problems. Through a 360 survey one can provide feedback and give constructive criticism to address the issues that they see becoming a problem.

The 360 feedback survey is confidential, so no feelings are hurt and the individuals that have a lot to say and have a lot of feedback are more likely to be honest. That way everything is more likely to come out and more concerns can be addressed.

A 360 online survey is also beneficial because it shows everyone they are cared about. It should show the individual that it is for that they are cared about because the information provided in the survey is for their benefit and to help them become better at what they do. It shows those participating and offering feedback that they are cared for because their opinion matters and they can address concerns they have or even list positive views that they have. Both ways they have input and it shows that their opinion matters.

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Aug 30, 2011

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Insights about improving results

Debra and Deana on the agility ladder - PUSH IT!!!03 by Simi Valley Boot Camp

When you’re trying to improve your personal agility, it’s a good idea to find some routines to help you achieve your goals. Better agility allows you to perform better on the field or court. This is due to improved reaction to outside stimuli and compact, fluid motion in that response.

Agility training offers a number of other benefits. Those with optimal agility also experience fewer injuries than do those with weaker agility skills. This is due simply to the improved form and more precise, trained muscle movements that come from comprehensive agility training.

Ladder agility drills are one of the best methods for improving agility. Leg strength is key to improved agility, so incorporate exercises to increase leg strength. Combined with ladder agility drills, you’ll find greater results on the field. You can purchase an affordable agility ladder, or create one of your own with rope, tape, sticks, or other makeshift items you have around to form a ladder pattern on the ground.

Here’s one drill to try: In the five count drill – you will perform the most complex pattern. Start by hopping to your right foot, outside the first square to the right. Next, you’ll step with your left foot into the square and follow then with your right foot in the same square. After that, step into the second square with the left foot, and follow up with the right. In the third square, you’ll reverse what you did in the first square, stepping with your left foot outside, then your right inside, followed by the left foot. Continue through the squares.

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Aug 19, 2011

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Scan While On The Road:Fujitsu SCANSNAP S1100 CLR ...

This product is excellent for those who are looking for mobility while scanning documents. The Fujitsu SCANSNAP S1100 CLR 600DPI USB Mobile Scanner is just 10.7 inches long, 1.9 inches wide, and 1.3 inches high. It will offer you smooth scanning for a full-page file, and you can do this just about anywhere. If you have a USB cable and a notebook computer, you are all set. Pretty much any type of doc can be scanned, like greeting cards, thick postcards, even plastic ID cards. Speed wise, a page the measurement of a letter may be scanned in approximately 7.5 seconds. The SCANSNAP S1100 provides a host of abilities including Auto Orientation, Auto Skew Correction, and Auto Color Detection.

Fujitsu has a variety of ScanSnap scanners that come in unique sizes. While they currently have high performing desktop scanners, a majority of these would not be portable enough to take with you on a business trip. With the S1100 and its portability, a big part of your scan work could be finished while you are on your small business trip. You will certainly have more time to work on issues once you return to the office. Think about how nice it would be to carry a small scanner along with you that could do the majority of your work while viewing TV in a motel room.

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The S1100 is the most recent member of the Fujitsu family and they have nearly as much ability of the personal computer models. The S1100 features the exact same speed and quality of its desktop counterparts and also comes bundled with the same easy-to-use software program package. Of course, in order to have a small footprint, certain features found on the desktop designs were left off. The scanner is lacking in a multi-page feed as well as two-sided scanning. That will eliminate some things that won’t be able to be finished even though on the road, but will surely give a definite head-start. Sometimes without the multi-page feeder and two sided scanning, you will have the capacity to scan documents quickly with the S1100.

The S1100 is a perfect option if you go from one client to another, or travel daily. Its small footprint and usability, makes it the best tool for rapidly scanning documents while travelling. Men and women who work in real estate, insurance plan sales or consultants will undoubtedly benefit from this. The scanner is extremely sturdy and it’s very simple to operate while the quality of the scan is good. Men and women who travel on business a lot recognize how so many documents might need to be scanned. You can find oneself scanning business statements and brochures and not needing to transport additional weight.

If you currently have a lot of things that you just want to scan, the S1100 will work for you whenever you are at your computer system. As long as you do not have to do a lot of scans on multi-paged documents, you will probably make use of this portable scanner more than every other.


Scanner Camera Jane by greg_randall

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Jul 18, 2011

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Is Social Media’s Investment Bubble Ready To...

Overinflated value of social media and Internet companies makes it likely we’ll see a repeat of the late 1990s dot-com crash, say investment bankers.

Directv Group Elpida Memory Emc Fidelity National Information Svcs

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Jul 18, 2011

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Would You Eat Jello Made From Humans? [Science]

Jul 18, 2011

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Fox News Twitter Account Hacked, Claims Obama Kill...

Weak or reused passwords likely exploited by group with Anonymous hacking collective sympathies.

Ncr National Semiconductor National Instruments Motorola

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Jul 18, 2011

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Elephant Quest is an addictive, deep platformer


When someone tells me about a “platformer”, my first thought is that it’s probably a simple game that mainly revolves around running and jumping around, with a minimal plot. [Play a Zelda game! -Ed]

Elephant Quest is one platformer that managed to prove me completely wrong. Yes, you do run and jump around, and you also shoot at stuff. But the game has much, much more going for it.

Basically, as you run, jump and shoot, you gain experience points and level up. Hitting Space brings you into an interface where you can convert your experience points into Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Dexterity points. Once you’ve “specialized” your points, you then get to pick what exact skills you’d like to enhance in each field. For example, you could use your dexterity to enhance your weapons or increase your swiftness.

The game is played in a huge maze; you go through rooms using doors, and there’s a large map. As the name implies, there are quests you can take, too. For example, one quest had me searching all over the place for ten balloons.

The bottom line is that this is a surprisingly deep game that just might ensnare you for a good bit longer than you intended to play. Beware!

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